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Henning catalogue

Henning Gesamtkatalog

Individual solutions

Our Donut Load Sensors - suitable for all types of suspension means
The donut load sensors were developed taking into account the ever decreasing space at elevators. The sensor is mounted together with elastomer-buffers or the compression springs at the rope suspension (dead center) and is therefore also suitable for very small shaftheads. There is no difference between steel ropes or belts, as both utilize mechanically similar suspension types.
The sensor is able be determined the loads of each individual support mean precisely, a calibration with weights is not necessary. 

WeightWatcher BEAM 
Besonderer Wert wurde dabei auf Montagefreundlichkeit und dem Wunsch vieler Kunden nach einem preisgünstigen, aber dennoch hochwertigen Überlast-Messsystem gelegt, das die Anforderungen der EN 81 erfüllt.
Der WeightWatcher Beam sind daher besonders handlich. Dies macht die Montage bei vielen Einbausituationen möglich.
Auch eng geführte Seile oder niedrige Schachtköpfe stellen kein Problem dar.

Complete Flatlight LED panels

Easy And Quick Installation! Mounted by one person.

Henning LED Lights

Easy And Quick Installation! No need to order pre-cut cables. (one cable is sufficient for all spots, easy tapping at any point by IDC-terminals).

The multimeter for ride profiles
The RIDEWatcher is a novel measuring unit with an intuitive operating concept allowing lift rides to be measured an analysed in a comfortable and fast manner. The easy-to-use unit combines measuring sensors and evaluation unit in one robust plastic casing.

Mobile Tensioning and Weighting Device
Looking for a device for measuring the cabin weight and counterweight and for a time-saving tension adjustement?

WeightWatcher light - the new overload control
Our research and development team infused their experience of many years in the development of the WeightWatcher light family. They particularly focussed on easy mounting and, following many customers’ wishes, on a reasonably priced but high-grade quality of this overload measuring system that meets the requirements of EN 81. The LS-light load sensors are therefore especially compact and handy facilitating the mounting in almost every installation siting. You won’t have a problem with narrow-layed ropes and shaft heads of little height.

CNC Fertigung
Unsere Lohnfertigung hat eine neue Internetpräsenz unter bekommen. Benutzen Sie bitte den folgenden Link. 

Save 300€ of energy consumption costs or more per year.